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Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to complete Driver's Education Program?

The Driver's Education program must be completed within 2 years of the start date of the classroom sessions. Commonwealth Auto School in North Andover does not issue refunds for non completion. 

How do I make up a class

 If you missed a class, you are required by law to make up the specific class you missed. At the start of the course, you are instructed to keep track of any missed classes. If you do not know which class you missed, you must call Commonwealth Auto school so that we may research it for you. You are welcome to attend any session for make up classes, but need to make sure you are attending, specifically, the class you missed. Make up class inquiries for sessions held at all locations will be answered directly through Commonwealth Auto School. Please call ahead to confirm. 

What is the Refund policy?

No refunds are issued for partial attendance once the program has started.
$35 returned check fee
No refunds if you take class and then do not finish all the requirements on roads with Commonwealth Auto School. 

Please call Commonwealth Auto School at 9782581709 for detailed schedule of fees.

Will I drive in bad weather conditions?

 If your instructor determines that the weather is unsafe for driving, he/she will contact you directly to cancel your appointment. 

When can I set up my road test appointment?

 A Road test appointment may be set up after the student has completed all requirements, including the parent class, and the RMV has processed the driver's ed certificate. Typically, the RMV allows the future road test appointment to be arranged when the student is within 30 days of eligiblity. Eligibility is determined by the date you obtained the permit. You are eligible to try for your license 183 days from the issue date of the permit if your Driver's Ed certificate has been processed by RMV.

How do I book a road test appointment?

 RMV will charge you a $35 road test fee, and a $50 fee for a 5 years license.
This is a fee that everyone has to pay and should be paid before you go for your Road Test, either by going down to your local RMV, online at the RMV's website, or over the phone by calling the RMV Student Road Test Hotline at 857-368-8000.

If you would like to have Commonwealh Auto School Sponsor you at a local RMV Mon-Fri road/license test, then you may go online or call the RMV to schedule that appointment. Once an appointment has been made you may call Commonwealth Auto School so we can plan to pick you up on the date of the test. 

If you would like to take a Saturday or After Hours Road Test with Commonwealth Auto School, you will need to call the office at 978-258-1709 to sign up for an appointment as we set up the test date for you through the registry. Saturday/After Hours Road Tests could be held at Commonwealth Auto School or at the Registry of Motor Vehicles per order of the Registry.

Road test dates are subject to change per order of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. A 72 hr notice is required to cancel a road test with the RMV. Once Commonwealth Auto School has scheduled your road test, you may not cancel our service and keep the appointment that we set up for you.

All students must bring a signed and completed road test application as well as the learner's permit to their road test appointment